Why Puffins?

What are puffins and what do they have to do with nonprofit consulting?


Puffins are small birds that thrive in the Northern Atlantic coasts. They possess many admirable traits which remind me of some of the leaders (my nonprofit “heroes”) with whom I’m privileged to work.

Small, but powerful.

Puffins are small, but strong birds that can live up to 20 years. They fly up to 50 mph and can dive up to 300 feet. Similarly, many of my nonprofit heroes are small organizations that do a lot with very little. I focus on giving my smaller heroes the kinds of services that they might not be able to afford from larger firms.


Puffins have amazing navigational skills, returning every year to their exact birthplace. Likewise, I’m passionate about helping my nonprofit heroes stay focused towards their strategic goals.


gissur-steinarsson-1086120-unsplashPuffins have committed relationships and mate for the long-term. In a similar way, I work with nonprofits who are committed to their causes. And I’m committed to them and treat their causes as my own. Reliability and a passion for excellence guide every project I do for my nonprofit heroes.



Puffins are dubbed the “parrots of the sea” because of their brightly colored features. If you know me, you know that I’m a colorful, enthusiastic person who lives to inspire others. I also believe that strategic planning, program evaluation, and communications do not have to be dull, lifeless tasks. They can be fun if you approach them the right way!

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