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I coach nonprofit leaders in how to tell changed-life stories effectively, as well as provide Communication services. Learn more.


Statistics numbers

Donors like to see numbers as well as stories. With my background in program evaluation, I can help make the numbers easy for you instead of daunting! Learn more about impact measurement services. 


Feeling stuck? Maybe you have an amazing organization but would like suggestions on how to move your strategies ahead and make the “story” even better! If so, I can help! Learn more. 


Pricing Philosophy

For more information about why Puffin Strategies exists, and how we are committed to finding an affordable, yet high-quality solution to your nonprofit’s needs, click here.

Want More Information?

If you and your organization would like help in any of these areas, please contact me!  I offer nonprofit organizations the following complimentary coaching services:

  • A 60-minute phone or in-person meeting
  • Suggestions for next steps

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