Can you name the top 3-5 goals for the next few years? Would you like some coaching regarding your organizational direction? Puffin Strategies can facilitate your next Board retreat or strategic planning session!

  • Logic Model: showing your theory of change. A visual chart showing your program inputs, strategies, outputs, outcomes, and anticipated impact. This is a one-page, “at a glance” document that meets the requirements of standard grant applications and is an invaluable tool for showing to donors.
  • Situational Analysis Workshop and/or Report: During this workshop, I will coach your leadership (e.g., your Board) as they analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats facing your organization (commonly referred to as a SWOT analysis). This workshop can take the format of a 1-day Board meeting or a series of interviews with key stakeholders combined with a ½ day meeting. The findings from this Situational Analysis can be used to inform your future strategic direction.
  • Mission/Vision Workshop: A workshop or series of workshops with your Board or other key stakeholders, where I coach you through refining your organizational direction (vision) and mission. Ideally, this workshop takes place in a 1 or 2-day retreat setting, but the length can be adjusted according to your needs. You will come away from these workshops with a working mission or vision statement. This workshop combines well with the Situational Analysis workshop.
  • Strategic Direction Workshop: This workshop will incorporate the findings from a situational analysis. The end result of this workshop will be a strategy report containing 3-5 key strategic initiatives presented on a One-Page Strategic Snapshot.


“I would highly recommend Anne Marie to engage with strategic and research-based projects within any nonprofit organization. Her insight and wisdom as a young professional is beyond her years. Anne Marie is very articulate, [a] great listener, and has insight and wisdom that produces very strategic thinking to solve problems and find sustainable solutions.” – Executive Director of a Colorado Springs nonprofit

“In just a couple conversations, Anne Marie identified the best direction for our Board of Directors’ two-day workshop for Vision Casting and Strategic Planning. Her passion for nonprofits coupled with her professional experience assures us we’ve chosen the right consultant!” – Board Chairman for Ohio-based nonprofit

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