Impact Measurement and Tracking

Do you have a feasible system for collecting stories and relevant statistics from the clients you serve?

Puffin Strategies is willing to assist with the following tasks:

  • Interviews: Often, a multiple-choice survey isn’t sufficient. Sometimes you need in-depth interviews with the people you serve, in order to measure the difference you are making. Interviews also are a great tool to use to collect stories and quotes.
  • Donor Reports: How do you take all of these wonderful stories and data, and transform them into a report that will captivate the attention of your stakeholders? I can help you craft compelling Impact Reports, Donor Reports, Annual Reports, and Grant Reports, among others.
  • Other Program Evaluation: I have extensive experience with evaluating program impact and can help you with all of your quantitative or qualitative data needs.


“[Anne Marie did] a great job of breaking it [nonprofit evaluation] down and not making it so scary.” – Nonprofit Leader who attended a workshop Anne Marie presented 

“[Anne Marie is] very thorough and attentive to details.” – Nonprofit Leader who has used Puffin Strategies assistance with nonprofit data tracking

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