Pricing Philosophy

One of the reasons I started Puffin Strategies, LLC is because there are so many nonprofits who need high-quality communication and evaluation services but cannot afford the standard rates of most large consulting firms. (It’s not at all uncommon for larger firms to charge $10,000 for an introductory formative evaluation). I’m committed to helping nonprofits find a communications/evaluation solution that works with their budget, no matter how large or how small.

Here are some of the ways in which I maintain the quality of the work and yet make it affordable:

  • I give nonprofit leaders tips on how to secure funding from major donors for “capacity building” grants.
  • I can develop evaluation plans that involve me primarily as a coach, and your staff as the primary data collectors. In other words, if you do a lot of the legwork, that cuts down on the hours I spend and therefore cuts down on your (This approach doesn’t work as well if you need an external “third-party” evaluation by an objective consultant).
  • I create “bite-sized goals” instead of suggesting large, long-term projects.
  • I focus more on helping you build your communication and evaluation infrastructure, rather than me conducting a large-scale research study report that has a limited shelf life.
  • Finally, I offer substantial discounts to start-up nonprofits and other need-based clients.

While I have a standard hourly rate, the package prices are client-specific because so many variables play into the cost of a project: For example, are we surveying 100 people or 10,000? Will the survey be administered online or will I have to manually input all the data? Will I need to do a qualitative analysis of interview transcripts – a process that takes hours? Do you have a copywriter on staff who just needs some general guidance or will I do all the writing? You get the idea.

Contact me today to schedule a short consultation call and then receive your personalized quote!

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