What do donors expect from nonprofits?

Have you ever wondered, “What do donors expect from nonprofit organizations when they give large gifts?” One consulting firm (Edwards, 2006) explored this question by surveying a group of donors who represented more than $1.35 billion in givable assets. The resulting statements were organized into 11 categories, and the number #2 response was . . . “Show results.” Below are some of the quotes related to this theme:

Demonstrate impact

Be able to make a difference

Show me the results I should expect from my gift

Serve a niche more effectively than others

Be able to measure outcomes

Have clear goals and outcomes identified for the project/program and the mechanisms in place to evaluate them—clearly indicating whether you have achieved the desired impacts

Have a strong track record

Would you like help in showing your results? Contact me to learn more!

For the full article, go to the following source:

Edwards, C. (2006). Donor expectations for major gifts. Calvin Edwards & Company. http://calvinedwardscompany.com/Donor%20Expectations%20for%20major%20gifts.pdf

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