What is your plan?

Do you have a communications plan?plush-design-studio-684713-unsplash

There are SO many different communication resources available: Instagram, Facebook, digital marketing, Google AdWords, old-fashioned hardcopy newsletters, Mailchimp, and the list goes on! How do you decide what channels to use?

It starts with a communications plan:

  • First, identify your audience.
  • Second, figure out the best modes of communication. You don’t need to use every tool out there.
  • Third, create a 12-month calendar and be consistent.

Why? Having a plan enables you to be focused about when you need to find stories, where you find them, who you contact, and what resources need to be allocated. For more help on how to create a Communication Strategy, please refer to the helpful resources or contact me!

(Of course, before you can have a great Plan, you need to figure out what are the key messages and stories you should communicate. Next week’s tip addresses that one!)Sign up for a free

Helpful Resources:

5 Reasons You Need a Communications Plan: link

Top 10 Reasons for Creating a Communications Plan: link


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