Celebrating Mercy’s Gate – Preventing Homelessness in Colorado Springs!

MG_annual report

It was so much fun collaborating with Mercy’s Gate on this year’s 2018 Annual Report! Here are some highlights:

  • 64% of every dollar went directly to serve individuals and families in El Paso County.
  • 29,759 people were impacted by our community-based direct services.
  • 69% of these people visited Mercy’s Gate for the first time.

“I was contemplating suicide that night but the staff at Mercy’s Gate changed that by providing hope. I feared becoming homeless and Mercy’s Gate was my last hope. I was helped financially, as well as provided food for both the body and soul. I can never repay the generosity and love I received that night.  God Bless the wonderful people at Mercy’s Gate!” – A neighbor who visited Mercy’s Gate

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Interested in creating your own annual report? Contact me to find out how!

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